Why People Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers to Protect the Environment

Why People Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers to Protect the EnvironmentIf you’re like any other homeowner who cares about their property, you probably like to take your time tending to your garden. Just as much as the structure of your house, your lawn contributes a lot to the value of your property. While it is an essential task that needs to be performed in order to make the most of your home, there is no doubt that constantly having to tend to a lawn can be very tedious and time consuming. This is why millions of homeowners have turned to using lawn mowers to make the job a little easier.

But did you know that that 5 year old gas lawn mower you’ve been using all these years might not actually be the best option? Gas lawn mowers can be a lot cheaper than they’re electric counterparts, but there is a trade off. Find out why you should ditch the gas and go electric instead.

Why You Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers

1. They Release Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

You’ve probably already heard these two scientific sounding names before. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are two waste gasses that can significantly damage the atmosphere and the functions of the ozone layer. The more you emit, the thicker the concentration of CO and CO2 becomes, and thus the faster climate changes. You might be thinking, what’s one lawn mower? Perhaps, if you were the only person in the entire world using a gas powered lawn mower, this would be applicable. But there are millions of others just like you and change, much like in any other aspect of life, has to start with one. By stopping your use of a gas powered lawn mower, you effectively reduce the concentration of damaging gasses present in the atmosphere.

2. They Require More Power than Electric

Gas powered lawn mowers tend to eat through their gas reserves at a much faster pace than electric powered mowers use their stored up energy. This means, when you use a gas powered machine, you’re more likely to have to keep refueling every so often. The more you refuel, the more gas you use, the more you spend, and ultimately, the more pollution you release in to the atmosphere. Opting for a lawn mower that doesn’t use gas will save you from having to keep filling up with harmful chemicals.

3. They Could Damage Your Plants

If your lawn mower runs on gas and it releases all of those harmful chemicals as it goes along, you can expect your plants to suffer. Because your mower operates so closely to your grass and the other vegetation around it, plants could take on significant damage from exposure to gas lawnmowers thus rendering all of your efforts pointless.

You see, something as simple as switching from a gas powered lawnmower to an electric one can really help in saving the environment. If you don’t know the first thing about electric mowers, websites like BestMower.Reviews offer many useful tips in choosing the right electric lawnmower as well as reviews.

Don’t wait until the planet is completely destroyed! Do your share in helping save it TODAY!

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