How Climate Change Can Influence Your Life?

Climate Change Can Influence Your Life

Change in weather patterns is the result of climate change. The drastic changes in weather are also attributed to global warming. The growing economy is the reason for changes in the weather condition across the world. The planet is being left in worse shape due to natural phenomenon and manmade emissions. With people concentrating more on their work than the environment. People have learnt to adjust to climate changes. The rise in summer temperature and the severe winters is due to climate change. These extreme temperatures have left us uncomfortable. Not just human beings, wildlife and vegetation are also being affected due to climate change. The surface temperature increases leaving the atmosphere warm. The reasons that contribute to climate change include greenhouse emissions and discharge from the industries and houses.

Glacier in Antarctica

The glaciers in the polar region melt due to climate change and this result in tsunamis, hurricanes and undistributed rainfall. All these natural disasters lead to loss of life, property and causes deadly diseases. The depletion of ozone layer is a cause for concern. The harmful rays of the sun penetrate into the atmosphere leading to skin diseases and cancer. This also causes genetic disorders. The melting of snow will cause submergence of small islands in the near future. Climate control effects have forced people to think in terms of global warming. Switching to energy efficient fuels by stopping the use of fossil fuel, planting more trees, moving to a renewable source of energy and awareness programmes can control climate change. International forums discuss climate change and how to control global warming making the earth better place to live for the future generation.

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