Here are Impacts of Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change

There are various factors that promote climate change and the most important includes temperature and rainfall. Over a period of time, these two factors attribute to the change in climate. Apart from these, human activities also result in climate change, particularly the emissions from fossil fuel. The other natural factors that do not contribute to climate change include aerosols from volcanic eruptions. Yet, the cyclones and El Nino effect that happens rarely results in extreme climate circumstances do not result in climate change either. The concentration of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane in the atmosphere can lead to climate change. These gases increase the temperature that can lead to hot wave radiation that can melt the glaciers in the Arctic.

Climate change

Climate change has a great impact in the agricultural sector that is responsible for poor food production due to high cereal sterility, low nutrient absorption and increase in pests. In hill stations, the carbon dioxide concentration enhances productivity due to high assimilation, whereas in the tropical region, especially in the developing countries, the assimilation is not high in comparison with respiration that is also high. This has resulted in a decrease in food production by 7 percent. Improvised irrigation system and supplying inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and fertilizers can stabilize food production despite climate control.

With climate change temperature becomes warm leading to change in vegetation. The original vegetation is replaced by poor vegetation. The water resources in the mountains also are susceptible to change. Whereas the changes are not apparent at low altitudes, yet forest fires are common in places like Indonesia. Access to clean water is becoming an ordeal, especially for poor people. The depletion of groundwater and surface run-offs happens due to change in temperature. Water scarcity will be a major cause of concern in the near future informs environmentalists.

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