Climate Change Can Be Great Threat To Mother Earth

Threat To Mother Earth

The effects of climate change are already taking its toll on the ecosystem. Climate change results in global warming that can be a potential threat to life on earth. It can cause a rise in water levels, flooding, deadly diseases and forest fire. Food production is under threat due to climate change and it results in drought due to the uncertainty of rains. As the aftermath of global warming dry places tend to get drier and wet places wetter. Africa is facing the biggest threat of human kind, and immediate action is needed to protect the Dark Continent from being wiped away. This can lead to hunger death and starvation. According to research, it is predicted that places like Victoria Island in Lagos can be submerged in the near future. The ever rising sea level due to melting snow is responsible for this situation. The fall of rain leads to drought and reduced crop yield.

There is severe water crisis in the African continent. The term climate change sends shivers down the spine if the term is not completely interpreted. The African region is prone to malaria, dengue fever, West Nile disease and river blindness. The public awareness of climate change is yet to be created in this region while the media focuses on promoting corrupt politicians. The reasons that lead to climate change include deforestation, urbanization, pollution, desertification, degradation, corruption and unplanned industrialization.

Climate change damage to human life

Climate change is causing unprecedented damage to human life, property, flora and fauna. It is time to create awareness about climate change and protect the environment from the perils of global warming. Protecting the environment by preserving trees can improve precipitation thereby improving agriculture. There are several researches that are conducted on global warming that have produced alarming results. This fact can spread fears in the minds of the common man. It is important to prepare them to face the future by protecting the environment and not further damaging it through careless means.