How Drones have a role to play in Environmental Disasters

As technology has advanced, there has been more and more notable news regarding the use of quadcopters in everyday life. Quadcopters are not only giving us the ability to see things from the sky like we have never seen before, but they are also now showing the potential to be helpful in a state of emergency.

Michael Toscano, the President of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems has stated that having things like quadcopters in the air after natural disasters and after tragedies such as the Boston bombing helps people know and understand what type of risk they may be facing before going in to a rescue zone.

This is particularly critical so that people are not being sent into areas that are so unsafe that they are putting their lives at risk. Instead of walking in to the unknown, quadcopters are now giving rescue workers the ability to see exactly how they can address potentially dangerous situations in the safest way possible. While the use of manned aircraft has typically been the way this has been done, the use of unmanned aircraft allows an individual to get closer to the ground to see what is really going on before sending rescue personnel in.

Here is an example of drones being used after the earthquake in Nepal:

What it means in practice

Quadcopters are also easier to fly and allow an operator to hover over certain areas for extended periods of time so that people on the ground can get a really good look at what is truly going on in a certain area. If a natural disaster occurs and spans a large area, multiple quadcopters can be sent in to different areas to scan the area and look for potential survivors. This is a safer alternative than sending in larger amounts of rescue workers to areas that may not be safe to enter.

The key goal of any type of disaster, whether it be natural or man made, is to get as many people out alive as possible. With a quadcopter, the safety of everyone involved in a rescue attempt is increased. Quadcopters can easily take pictures and help rescuers develop an appropriate plan of action to make sure they are doing their jobs quickly and efficiently.

There is multiple type of quadcopters on the market. Some are designed for personal use and others are designed specifically for large scale jobs. Determining the type of quadcopter that you needs depends largely on the job that you want them to do. If you are using a quadcopter to simply survey land or explore areas that you have never been, a smaller, easy to use unit is recommended. If you are looking for a quadcopter for search and rescue missions there are a variety of larger units and smaller units that all have different type of camera and flying options. The best quadcopters tend to be powerful pieces of equipment with HD cameras and long battery life.

Determine what it is that you want to use your quadcopter for before making a purchase. Also be sure that you check the regulations in your area for having one. Since this type of technology is fairly new for personal use, there needs to be some research done before you commit to a purchase. Always ensure that you are not violating people’s privacy as this could potentially become a crime if you are not aware of what the rules and regulations are for quadcopters in your area.

Discussions On How To Control Climate Change Through Human Practices

Control Climate Change

The hottest topic of discussion is global warming and its harmful effects on humans and the environment. The consequences of global warming are not complete without a discussion of the negative effects it has on the environment and the changes in climate that directly and indirectly affects human beings. Global warming is caused due to climate change, and this is due to human activities and natural phenomenon. The positive and the negative burdens of planetary warming need to be analyzed to reduce the risks. It is important to act on the demerits of global warming before the damages are alarming.

Climate change is the result of global warming that needs immediate concern. Temperature and rainfall are affected due to global warming. This can lead to change the ecosystem. There is an imbalance in the global weather patterns. The Prairie zone will see an increase while the forested zones will reduce due to lack of rainfall. The droughts in the Prairie region will lead to the extinction of various species. It is also predicted that water holes in the Prairies will have less water by 2060. This can result in a decrease of water life, especially ducks and fishes that live in the water.

The alterations in the seasons are the major consequences of climate change. Spring season happens earlier, and fall happens latter for many species. This has lead to extinction and making most species endangered. The rapid change in climate makes many species unable to adapt. Polar bears are the most affected due to this phenomenon. The rate at which the snow melt is the reason for the discomfort caused among polar bears. The shift in the atmosphere is caused due to the greenhouse gases. It is the responsibility of humans to create a suitable solution for the system and control the perilous effects of global warming.

Tips To Check Global Warming

Global Warming

The issue of global warming is looming large, and the need to create awareness on the subject is critical. The gradual increase in temperature is termed as global warming. It is not a sudden change and has been observed for a long period. Converting agricultural lands into industries and housing, improvement in technologies is the reasons for global warming that result in climate change. The exhaust from the vehicle, deforestation, CFC, burning of fossil fuel are some of the causes related to global warming. Moving to alternative forms of energy is the best way to control climate change. This can help in reduced carbon emission leaving the environment clean. Moving to renewable sources of energy like solar energy is a good alternative. Planting trees can help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Use of recycled products can save trees.

Controlling the usage of gadgets that emit CFC can protect the harmful effects on the atmosphere. CFC causes depletion of the ozone layer that is the major cause of global warming. The gases emitted from cars puts a hole in the ozone layer. Using fuel efficient cars, bio-fuels and electric cars is the best way to cut on emission. Using public transportation, walking and cycling are some of the ways to defend global warming. Moving to CFL or LED lighting solutions can not only cut on energy bills but reduce pollution. The lesser usage of heaters and air conditioners is also a way to protect the environment. Light your home with solar energy to protect the Earth from the perils of planetary warming.