What Can Biomedical Engineers Contribute to Environmental Efforts against Climate Change?

Biomedical engineers deal with the design of systems and products of various human organs, including artificial devices to replace body parts and machines that help diagnose medical problems. They also provide help in creating biomedical equipment, including installation, adjustment, maintenance and repair.

Recently, biomedical engineers have tried pushing the limit by focusing their researches on ways in which climate change can be combated. In fact, some of their suggestions have ethical and moral implications that may make others hesitate to give their support.

Loss of appetite for meat

According to the report of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, 18% of all greenhouse emissions were caused by livestock farming. If we don’t rely too much on meat as a source of food, this could drastically drop. Add to that the fact that 51% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions were also caused by livestock farming. Consumption of meat has also led to deforestation, as the industry has to look for ways to expand pastures for livestock. If biomedical engineers can find a way to curb man’s appetite for meat, this problem could be easily solved.

Creating shorter people

This is a more controversial approach in solving global warming. According to studies, taller people have higher body mass. This means they have to eat more food in order to address the needs of their body. Taller people also need more fabric for their clothes. They also need more fuel per mile. This only means that if biomedical engineers can find a way to create shorter human beings, this problem could be mitigated.

Empathy inducing drugs

Any study that deals with tricking how humans think or feel will always have ethical questions. This is why empathy inducing drugs as a way to make people more concerned about global warming could be the solution. One of the reasons why global warming remains a problem is because some people don’t see it that way. They don’t really care about the impact of global warming and don’t want to be inconvenienced. When this drug is used in order to make them more empathetic, they will take part in the movement to solve global warming.

Long shot plans

These are just some of the plans by biomedical engineers in using their skills and knowledge in combating global warming. In many ways, they are controversial. Some of them would even receive no funding for further studies at all. If studies involve playing with human beings – how they feel, think or act, this will always have negative repercussions.
Nevertheless, this only proves that if we want to change the society, it has to start with human beings. Biomedical engineers don’t even have to go too far if we can start changing ourselves and the way we treat the environment. Let us listen to the advise of experts and be more involved in raising awareness for environmental protection.

Changing the world

Whether you agree with the ideas put out by some biomedical engineers or not, it only means that they have the capacity to change the world. If they get support in terms of their ideas in fighting climate change, they can do a lot. Some of them are beyond what we could ever imagine. Sadly, this is not the kind of world we live in. We are all bound by rules and people will continue to criticise even if they have not done anything to help solve the problem.

If you are planning to take a degree in college where you can possibly have an impact to the world, you might want to go for biomedical engineering. Check out the best biomedical engineering schools for undergraduate studies and you might love the idea of being a biomedical engineer. Be inspired by others who have done well in this field. You might be one of them in the future. The way they have changed the medical field could be a factor in making your decision.

Imagine being in a field where you don’t just earn a lot, but you also have the capacity to change the world and make it a better place for everyone to live in. Climate change has been a huge problem that no one else was able to figure out. If you have focused on solving this issue, the world will definitely be grateful of you.