Factors To Consider For Climate Change

climate change

Climate change is a cause for concern and has become a hot topic for discussion. The change in climate is attributed to nature by some, and yet others contribute it to mankind. Whether it is a natural phenomenon or contributed by mankind the effects of climate change has to be studied in detail to avoid the consequences. The term climate change is often confused with global warming though the two are different in a certain sense. Climate change is the variation in the statistical data calculated over a period of time. Global warming is related to climate change that is brought by human activities. The sun radiates more heat than it did a few billion years ago, this lead to climate change. The radiation is not uniform leading to change in the densities of greenhouse gases. The rise and fall in the temperature is attributed to the amount of solar radiation in the atmosphere.

Whether mankind is responsible for this problem is an issue that needs research but the most they can do is to not aggravate the problem. Looking for an alternative source of energy to power our homes, offices and vehicles? Renewable source of energy can limit the emission of greenhouse gases. Depending on solar energy can reduce the carbon emissions that are emitted from the energy sources of petroleum fuels. There are vehicles that are run on fuel cells that emit water and there ar no greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere making it a safe source of energy. There is no evidence that mankind alone is responsible for climate change.

Aerosol environment

Aerosol is a threat to the environment. It is a solid or fluid particle that stays in the atmosphere. The impact aerosol on the climate change is not defined precisely. Aerosol can be released by volcanoes, sea spray, vegetation and forest fires. It is also released through vehicle emissions and industries that are manmade.

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