The Human And Environment Impacts Of Climate Change

Climate Changes

Climate plays an important role in the ecosystem. The changes in vegetation and wildlife are the effect of climate and so is the depletion of the groundwater. With the increase in temperature, the climate changes are prominently seen. Climate change is a threat that the modern world is facing. The weather patterns change due to the increase in the global temperatures, this result in rising ocean levels and extreme hot and cold weather. The poor emission practices in the developing and underdeveloped countries contribute to climate change. While developed countries are able to adopt effective energy practices that lead to lesser emission. Poor food products, drought, lack of drinking water and diseases are the extremes of climate change. The impact of climate change effects human beings and the environment it has to be treated as a global issue. Governments need to find solutions in coordination with environmental bodies.

There are many factors that contribute to climate change and among them most are external forces like the high intensity of sunlight and unconcerned practices of mankind. The external factors are responsible for solar radiation, deflections in the orbit of the earth and increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases. In the recent times, climate change is the greatest challenge that every country is encountering. This can affect every country by causing a threat in the economical, social and political front. It is important to act immediately to control the impacts of climate change before it is too late. Governmental bodies and environmental agencies have to work hand in hand to bring about this positive change.