Discussions On How To Control Climate Change Through Human Practices

Control Climate Change

The hottest topic of discussion is global warming and its harmful effects on humans and the environment. The consequences of global warming are not complete without a discussion of the negative effects it has on the environment and the changes in climate that directly and indirectly affects human beings. Global warming is caused due to climate change, and this is due to human activities and natural phenomenon. The positive and the negative burdens of planetary warming need to be analyzed to reduce the risks. It is important to act on the demerits of global warming before the damages are alarming.

Climate change is the result of global warming that needs immediate concern. Temperature and rainfall are affected due to global warming. This can lead to change the ecosystem. There is an imbalance in the global weather patterns. The Prairie zone will see an increase while the forested zones will reduce due to lack of rainfall. The droughts in the Prairie region will lead to the extinction of various species. It is also predicted that water holes in the Prairies will have less water by 2060. This can result in a decrease of water life, especially ducks and fishes that live in the water.

The alterations in the seasons are the major consequences of climate change. Spring season happens earlier, and fall happens latter for many species. This has lead to extinction and making most species endangered. The rapid change in climate makes many species unable to adapt. Polar bears are the most affected due to this phenomenon. The rate at which the snow melt is the reason for the discomfort caused among polar bears. The shift in the atmosphere is caused due to the greenhouse gases. It is the responsibility of humans to create a suitable solution for the system and control the perilous effects of global warming.