Tips To Check Global Warming

Global Warming

The issue of global warming is looming large, and the need to create awareness on the subject is critical. The gradual increase in temperature is termed as global warming. It is not a sudden change and has been observed for a long period. Converting agricultural lands into industries and housing, improvement in technologies is the reasons for global warming that result in climate change. The exhaust from the vehicle, deforestation, CFC, burning of fossil fuel are some of the causes related to global warming. Moving to alternative forms of energy is the best way to control climate change. This can help in reduced carbon emission leaving the environment clean. Moving to renewable sources of energy like solar energy is a good alternative. Planting trees can help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Use of recycled products can save trees.

Controlling the usage of gadgets that emit CFC can protect the harmful effects on the atmosphere. CFC causes depletion of the ozone layer that is the major cause of global warming. The gases emitted from cars puts a hole in the ozone layer. Using fuel efficient cars, bio-fuels and electric cars is the best way to cut on emission. Using public transportation, walking and cycling are some of the ways to defend global warming. Moving to CFL or LED lighting solutions can not only cut on energy bills but reduce pollution. The lesser usage of heaters and air conditioners is also a way to protect the environment. Light your home with solar energy to protect the Earth from the perils of planetary warming.