What Can Biomedical Engineers Contribute to Environmental Efforts against Climate Change?

Biomedical engineers deal with the design of systems and products of various human organs, including artificial devices to replace body parts and machines that help diagnose medical problems. They also provide help in creating biomedical equipment, including installation, adjustment, maintenance and repair.

Recently, biomedical engineers have tried pushing the limit by focusing their researches on ways in which climate change can be combated. In fact, some of their suggestions have ethical and moral implications that may make others hesitate to give their support.

Loss of appetite for meat

According to the report of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, 18% of all greenhouse emissions were caused by livestock farming. If we don’t rely too much on meat as a source of food, this could drastically drop. Add to that the fact that 51% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions were also caused by livestock farming. Consumption of meat has also led to deforestation, as the industry has to look for ways to expand pastures for livestock. If biomedical engineers can find a way to curb man’s appetite for meat, this problem could be easily solved.

Creating shorter people

This is a more controversial approach in solving global warming. According to studies, taller people have higher body mass. This means they have to eat more food in order to address the needs of their body. Taller people also need more fabric for their clothes. They also need more fuel per mile. This only means that if biomedical engineers can find a way to create shorter human beings, this problem could be mitigated.

Empathy inducing drugs

Any study that deals with tricking how humans think or feel will always have ethical questions. This is why empathy inducing drugs as a way to make people more concerned about global warming could be the solution. One of the reasons why global warming remains a problem is because some people don’t see it that way. They don’t really care about the impact of global warming and don’t want to be inconvenienced. When this drug is used in order to make them more empathetic, they will take part in the movement to solve global warming.

Long shot plans

These are just some of the plans by biomedical engineers in using their skills and knowledge in combating global warming. In many ways, they are controversial. Some of them would even receive no funding for further studies at all. If studies involve playing with human beings – how they feel, think or act, this will always have negative repercussions.
Nevertheless, this only proves that if we want to change the society, it has to start with human beings. Biomedical engineers don’t even have to go too far if we can start changing ourselves and the way we treat the environment. Let us listen to the advise of experts and be more involved in raising awareness for environmental protection.

Changing the world

Whether you agree with the ideas put out by some biomedical engineers or not, it only means that they have the capacity to change the world. If they get support in terms of their ideas in fighting climate change, they can do a lot. Some of them are beyond what we could ever imagine. Sadly, this is not the kind of world we live in. We are all bound by rules and people will continue to criticise even if they have not done anything to help solve the problem.

If you are planning to take a degree in college where you can possibly have an impact to the world, you might want to go for biomedical engineering. Check out the best biomedical engineering schools for undergraduate studies and you might love the idea of being a biomedical engineer. Be inspired by others who have done well in this field. You might be one of them in the future. The way they have changed the medical field could be a factor in making your decision.

Imagine being in a field where you don’t just earn a lot, but you also have the capacity to change the world and make it a better place for everyone to live in. Climate change has been a huge problem that no one else was able to figure out. If you have focused on solving this issue, the world will definitely be grateful of you.

The Top 5 Most Devastating Effects of Deforestation

The Top 5 Most Devastating Effects of DeforestationIn just 10,000 years or so, we have managed to destroy over fifty percent of the world’s forests, with most of this loss occurring in the last fifty years along with a massive rise in the human population. This incredible loss rate has caused a significant negative impact in many parts of the world, and we are only just beginning. This is why experts from websites like BestChainsaw.Reviews always remind people to be responsible in cutting down trees be it on their own property or in the industrial level.

In this article, we’ll look at five of the most devastating effects of deforestation.

1. Soil Erosion

Soils (as well as their nutrients) are exposed to the sun. Soil moisture evaporates and nutrients dry up, subsequently affecting the beneficial bacteria that help break down organic matter. In the long run, rain carries away the soil surfaces and causes erosion. The damage: most of the soils’ potential washes away with the rain in the process.

2. Water Cycle

When we destroy forests, we interfere with the water table, water bodies, and the atmosphere in general. The roots of the trees are used to absorb and preserve water. Most of the water that circulates rain forests’ ecosystem is retained in the plants, with some of the moisture being transpired into the atmosphere. Once this process is interfered with, water bodies and the atmosphere begin to dry out. This in turn compromises the watershed potential, causing less water to run through the rivers. The result: streams and smaller lakes that rely on the larger water bodies eventually dry up.

3. Climate Change

Plants use carbon dioxide from the air to produce food (carbs, proteins, and fats that build up trees) and in return, they give us oxygen. When the forests are destroyed, more carbon dioxide is retained in the atmosphere. What’s more, the dead vegetation will continue releasing more carbon dioxide as they decompose. This will subsequently have a negative impact on the climate of that area. Hot climates may get a lot cooler and cooler places may get a lot hotter.

4. Loss of Biodiversity

Through deforestation, we have lost many wonderful species of animals and plants, and many others are still endangered. In fact, more than eighty percent of the world’s species live in the Tropical Rainforest.

Approximately 50-100 of these species are lost every day due to the destruction of their habitats, which is a terrible tragedy.

5. Economic Impact

Damage to rivers, marine life, and forests through deforestation could significantly diminish the global GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 7% by the year 2050. This is primarily because currently, most countries rely on converting their forests into agriculture, which naturally lead to loss of long-term biological productivity.

It is important to note that apart from harming our environment, deforestation is not an efficient source of energy – at least from the economic side of view. To counter deforestation, we simply need to plant more trees. Although a massive replanting campaign may not help alleviate all the problems associated with deforestation, it would solve most of them. Reforestation would facilitate:

  • Rebuilding wildlife habitats
  • Reducing the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere
  • Restoring the ecosystem services offered by forests, such as wildlife habitats, water recycling, and most importantly, carbon storage.

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Why People Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers to Protect the Environment

Why People Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers to Protect the EnvironmentIf you’re like any other homeowner who cares about their property, you probably like to take your time tending to your garden. Just as much as the structure of your house, your lawn contributes a lot to the value of your property. While it is an essential task that needs to be performed in order to make the most of your home, there is no doubt that constantly having to tend to a lawn can be very tedious and time consuming. This is why millions of homeowners have turned to using lawn mowers to make the job a little easier.

But did you know that that 5 year old gas lawn mower you’ve been using all these years might not actually be the best option? Gas lawn mowers can be a lot cheaper than they’re electric counterparts, but there is a trade off. Find out why you should ditch the gas and go electric instead.

Why You Need to Stop Using Gas Lawn Mowers

1. They Release Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

You’ve probably already heard these two scientific sounding names before. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are two waste gasses that can significantly damage the atmosphere and the functions of the ozone layer. The more you emit, the thicker the concentration of CO and CO2 becomes, and thus the faster climate changes. You might be thinking, what’s one lawn mower? Perhaps, if you were the only person in the entire world using a gas powered lawn mower, this would be applicable. But there are millions of others just like you and change, much like in any other aspect of life, has to start with one. By stopping your use of a gas powered lawn mower, you effectively reduce the concentration of damaging gasses present in the atmosphere.

2. They Require More Power than Electric

Gas powered lawn mowers tend to eat through their gas reserves at a much faster pace than electric powered mowers use their stored up energy. This means, when you use a gas powered machine, you’re more likely to have to keep refueling every so often. The more you refuel, the more gas you use, the more you spend, and ultimately, the more pollution you release in to the atmosphere. Opting for a lawn mower that doesn’t use gas will save you from having to keep filling up with harmful chemicals.

3. They Could Damage Your Plants

If your lawn mower runs on gas and it releases all of those harmful chemicals as it goes along, you can expect your plants to suffer. Because your mower operates so closely to your grass and the other vegetation around it, plants could take on significant damage from exposure to gas lawnmowers thus rendering all of your efforts pointless.

You see, something as simple as switching from a gas powered lawnmower to an electric one can really help in saving the environment. If you don’t know the first thing about electric mowers, websites like BestMower.Reviews offer many useful tips in choosing the right electric lawnmower as well as reviews.

Don’t wait until the planet is completely destroyed! Do your share in helping save it TODAY!

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Could self-balancing scooters be great news for the environment?

Two Wheels Self BalanceSelf-balancing scooters are the futuristic hoverboard type device that we’ve all been waiting for. There is no denying that they are exciting and extremely fun to use, but can they also be beneficial to the environment?


Electronically powered

The main benefit that the rising use of self balancing scooters provides to the environment is the fact that they are electronic and powered by batteries. If the use of them became more frequent for short journeys rather than simply for fun then this could dramatically reduce the amount of fuel we consume, which would do wonders for the environment. The use of fuel such as petrol and diesel is one of the main causes of the environmental crisis we are now in. Car manufacturers have already taken on this point and have developed hybrid and fully electronic cars. However, these are extremely expensive and most people could not afford to drive one of the environmentally friendly vehicles. Therefore, if the option was there to use self-balancing scooters for short journeys which would be a lot cheaper, would definitely reduce the amount of traditional car use and in turn help to cut down on fuel consumption.

Single Person Operation

Self-balancing scooters can only be operated by one person at a time. This might seem like an inconvenience if you actually want to use it for travelling purposes as obviously there is no option of carrying a passenger. However, in terms of the environment it could definitely be a benefit. If more people were using self-balancing scooters for travelling purposes, then the roads would be far less congested than they are now. There also would not be as desperate a need to create new and wider roads, the development of which puts a huge strain on the environment. There is also the benefit of easy storage with the scooters. They are essentially not much bigger than a skateboard, so are extremely easy to transport and to store. This would reduce the need for huge parking complexes, driveways and anywhere else developed to store traditional vehicles, which again would limit new construction and help to reduce the consumption of goods which could damage the environment.


Road Illegality

Even though the benefits of using self balancing scooters on a regular basis would definitely help the environmental problems we are currently suffering. There are some problems with this becoming a reality. At present, it is actually illegal to use one of these scooter on roads, and even on pedestrian walkways. Currently the use of the scooters is only allowed on private land when the land owner’s permission has been obtained. This obviously poses a huge problem, and so many people do not have the opportunity to use their scooter as much as they would like and are forced to use traditional modes of transportation such as personal cars and public transport.

Economic Decline

The motor vehicle industry is huge and provides jobs and financial security for many people. If self-balancing scooters were declared to be road legal and the use of them really took off, then it is likely that we would experience a decline in the amount of cars on the roads. As mentioned previously this would be a huge benefit to the environment, however, economically speaking it would not be such a benefit. Many companies would find that their services are no longer required or that they would need to downsize their operations and re-think their traditional methods. This could result in huge job losses and even bigger profit losses which could potentially kick-start a domino effect that negatively changes the entire economy.

How An Eco Friendly Mattress Can Reduce The Impact On The Environment

mattress-environmentAt this very moment, there are more then 7,000,000,000 people in the world.  By the time you are done reading this article, there will be around 2,500 people born worldwide.

Our planet is big.  However, with a growing number of resources being used, the abundance of our planet is gradually falling.  Every year, more acres of natural lands are lost to development and production, resulting in a less diverse and less stable environment.  With the affects of global warming and climate change already noticeable and calculated to get worse over time, a growing need to conserve and intelligently produce products is on the rise.

The Push Towards Green

This green movement has already touched our lives whether we are aware of it or not.  In addition, a growing number of appliances throughout the home, as well as building materials, are becoming green.  However, when people consider being greener, the last thing they think of is usually their bedroom.  In particular, the mattress represents one of the least eco friendly items in your home along with one of the best opportunities to be eco friendly.  Lets take a moment to review why regular mattresses are not eco friendly, why eco friendly mattresses are a better idea, and how these mattresses will ultimately reduce the impact on the environment.

Why Are Regular Mattresses Not Eco Friendly?

According to ChooseMattress.com, traditional mattresses end up creating a lot of waste that is bad for the environment.  In addition, the production of materials that go into a mattress requires a great deal of energy to produce and creates byproducts that are also bad for the environment.  Most mattresses that you get will have glues and chemicals that will take a very long time to break down.  In addition, they are often filled with synthetic fabrics that will find their ways to landfills after the mattress is used up.  These non-recyclable, non-biodegradable products are terrible for the environment and may even pose a health hazard in poorly ventilated rooms.  With little to no-renewable resources used in either the production of the materials or in the materials themselves, your mattress represents a great deal of waste once you throw it out.  As a final consideration, mattresses are usually made from a centralised location and shipped out.  Because of this, there is a great deal of energy spent in long-distance shipping.  This means inefficient shipping regarding fuel used and more energy wasted.

What Makes An Eco Friendly Mattress Eco Friendly?

There are several different ways that a mattress can be eco friendly.  The more of these that apply to your mattress, the more eco friendly it is.  First a mattress is considered eco friendly if it does not contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.  These compounds easily go from a solid to a gas, entering your room and creating a less healthy breathable environment.  In addition, it is possible for mattresses to be produced with zero-emissions manufacturing.  Mattresses can also be made of naturally occurring and organic materials with a life similar to that of traditional mattresses.  In addition, these mattresses can be just as durable, while being significantly better at reducing the overall waste when the mattress is tossed.  Finally, utilising efficient shipping methods can make any mattress better on the environment.

Reducing The Impact On The Environment Through Eco Friendly Mattresses

If you are interested in reducing your impact on the environment through the use of an eco friendly mattress, then you are in luck.  The most popular eco friendly mattresses currently on the market include natural latex mattresses, eco-friendly memory foam mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.  There are also a range of eco friendly mattress fabrics, including wool, bamboo, and cotton.  With additional research, you can soon be on your way to buying smart both for your needs and for the environment.

How Drones have a role to play in Environmental Disasters

As technology has advanced, there has been more and more notable news regarding the use of quadcopters in everyday life. Quadcopters are not only giving us the ability to see things from the sky like we have never seen before, but they are also now showing the potential to be helpful in a state of emergency.

Michael Toscano, the President of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems has stated that having things like quadcopters in the air after natural disasters and after tragedies such as the Boston bombing helps people know and understand what type of risk they may be facing before going in to a rescue zone.

This is particularly critical so that people are not being sent into areas that are so unsafe that they are putting their lives at risk. Instead of walking in to the unknown, quadcopters are now giving rescue workers the ability to see exactly how they can address potentially dangerous situations in the safest way possible. While the use of manned aircraft has typically been the way this has been done, the use of unmanned aircraft allows an individual to get closer to the ground to see what is really going on before sending rescue personnel in.

Here is an example of drones being used after the earthquake in Nepal:

What it means in practice

Quadcopters are also easier to fly and allow an operator to hover over certain areas for extended periods of time so that people on the ground can get a really good look at what is truly going on in a certain area. If a natural disaster occurs and spans a large area, multiple quadcopters can be sent in to different areas to scan the area and look for potential survivors. This is a safer alternative than sending in larger amounts of rescue workers to areas that may not be safe to enter.

The key goal of any type of disaster, whether it be natural or man made, is to get as many people out alive as possible. With a quadcopter, the safety of everyone involved in a rescue attempt is increased. Quadcopters can easily take pictures and help rescuers develop an appropriate plan of action to make sure they are doing their jobs quickly and efficiently.

There is multiple type of quadcopters on the market. Some are designed for personal use and others are designed specifically for large scale jobs. Determining the type of quadcopter that you needs depends largely on the job that you want them to do. If you are using a quadcopter to simply survey land or explore areas that you have never been, a smaller, easy to use unit is recommended. If you are looking for a quadcopter for search and rescue missions there are a variety of larger units and smaller units that all have different type of camera and flying options. The best quadcopters tend to be powerful pieces of equipment with HD cameras and long battery life.

Determine what it is that you want to use your quadcopter for before making a purchase. Also be sure that you check the regulations in your area for having one. Since this type of technology is fairly new for personal use, there needs to be some research done before you commit to a purchase. Always ensure that you are not violating people’s privacy as this could potentially become a crime if you are not aware of what the rules and regulations are for quadcopters in your area.

Here are Impacts of Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change

There are various factors that promote climate change and the most important includes temperature and rainfall. Over a period of time, these two factors attribute to the change in climate. Apart from these, human activities also result in climate change, particularly the emissions from fossil fuel. The other natural factors that do not contribute to climate change include aerosols from volcanic eruptions. Yet, the cyclones and El Nino effect that happens rarely results in extreme climate circumstances do not result in climate change either. The concentration of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane in the atmosphere can lead to climate change. These gases increase the temperature that can lead to hot wave radiation that can melt the glaciers in the Arctic.

Climate change

Climate change has a great impact in the agricultural sector that is responsible for poor food production due to high cereal sterility, low nutrient absorption and increase in pests. In hill stations, the carbon dioxide concentration enhances productivity due to high assimilation, whereas in the tropical region, especially in the developing countries, the assimilation is not high in comparison with respiration that is also high. This has resulted in a decrease in food production by 7 percent. Improvised irrigation system and supplying inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and fertilizers can stabilize food production despite climate control.

With climate change temperature becomes warm leading to change in vegetation. The original vegetation is replaced by poor vegetation. The water resources in the mountains also are susceptible to change. Whereas the changes are not apparent at low altitudes, yet forest fires are common in places like Indonesia. Access to clean water is becoming an ordeal, especially for poor people. The depletion of groundwater and surface run-offs happens due to change in temperature. Water scarcity will be a major cause of concern in the near future informs environmentalists.

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Factors To Consider For Climate Change

climate change

Climate change is a cause for concern and has become a hot topic for discussion. The change in climate is attributed to nature by some, and yet others contribute it to mankind. Whether it is a natural phenomenon or contributed by mankind the effects of climate change has to be studied in detail to avoid the consequences. The term climate change is often confused with global warming though the two are different in a certain sense. Climate change is the variation in the statistical data calculated over a period of time. Global warming is related to climate change that is brought by human activities. The sun radiates more heat than it did a few billion years ago, this lead to climate change. The radiation is not uniform leading to change in the densities of greenhouse gases. The rise and fall in the temperature is attributed to the amount of solar radiation in the atmosphere.

Whether mankind is responsible for this problem is an issue that needs research but the most they can do is to not aggravate the problem. Looking for an alternative source of energy to power our homes, offices and vehicles? Renewable source of energy can limit the emission of greenhouse gases. Depending on solar energy can reduce the carbon emissions that are emitted from the energy sources of petroleum fuels. There are vehicles that are run on fuel cells that emit water and there ar no greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere making it a safe source of energy. There is no evidence that mankind alone is responsible for climate change.

Aerosol environment

Aerosol is a threat to the environment. It is a solid or fluid particle that stays in the atmosphere. The impact aerosol on the climate change is not defined precisely. Aerosol can be released by volcanoes, sea spray, vegetation and forest fires. It is also released through vehicle emissions and industries that are manmade.

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How Climate Change Can Influence Your Life?

Climate Change Can Influence Your Life

Change in weather patterns is the result of climate change. The drastic changes in weather are also attributed to global warming. The growing economy is the reason for changes in the weather condition across the world. The planet is being left in worse shape due to natural phenomenon and manmade emissions. With people concentrating more on their work than the environment. People have learnt to adjust to climate changes. The rise in summer temperature and the severe winters is due to climate change. These extreme temperatures have left us uncomfortable. Not just human beings, wildlife and vegetation are also being affected due to climate change. The surface temperature increases leaving the atmosphere warm. The reasons that contribute to climate change include greenhouse emissions and discharge from the industries and houses.

Glacier in Antarctica

The glaciers in the polar region melt due to climate change and this result in tsunamis, hurricanes and undistributed rainfall. All these natural disasters lead to loss of life, property and causes deadly diseases. The depletion of ozone layer is a cause for concern. The harmful rays of the sun penetrate into the atmosphere leading to skin diseases and cancer. This also causes genetic disorders. The melting of snow will cause submergence of small islands in the near future. Climate control effects have forced people to think in terms of global warming. Switching to energy efficient fuels by stopping the use of fossil fuel, planting more trees, moving to a renewable source of energy and awareness programmes can control climate change. International forums discuss climate change and how to control global warming making the earth better place to live for the future generation.

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Climate Change Can Be Great Threat To Mother Earth

Threat To Mother Earth

The effects of climate change are already taking its toll on the ecosystem. Climate change results in global warming that can be a potential threat to life on earth. It can cause a rise in water levels, flooding, deadly diseases and forest fire. Food production is under threat due to climate change and it results in drought due to the uncertainty of rains. As the aftermath of global warming dry places tend to get drier and wet places wetter. Africa is facing the biggest threat of human kind, and immediate action is needed to protect the Dark Continent from being wiped away. This can lead to hunger death and starvation. According to research, it is predicted that places like Victoria Island in Lagos can be submerged in the near future. The ever rising sea level due to melting snow is responsible for this situation. The fall of rain leads to drought and reduced crop yield.

There is severe water crisis in the African continent. The term climate change sends shivers down the spine if the term is not completely interpreted. The African region is prone to malaria, dengue fever, West Nile disease and river blindness. The public awareness of climate change is yet to be created in this region while the media focuses on promoting corrupt politicians. The reasons that lead to climate change include deforestation, urbanization, pollution, desertification, degradation, corruption and unplanned industrialization.

Climate change damage to human life

Climate change is causing unprecedented damage to human life, property, flora and fauna. It is time to create awareness about climate change and protect the environment from the perils of global warming. Protecting the environment by preserving trees can improve precipitation thereby improving agriculture. There are several researches that are conducted on global warming that have produced alarming results. This fact can spread fears in the minds of the common man. It is important to prepare them to face the future by protecting the environment and not further damaging it through careless means.

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